poach poach [pəʊtʆ ǁ poʊtʆ] verb [intransitive, transitive]
1. HUMAN RESOURCES to persuade someone to leave an organization and come and work for you:

• Wall Street firms have always poached each other's star brokers.

poach from

• We prefer not to poach from other firms.

2. to unfairly or illegally use someone else's ideas:

• They were accused of poaching another agency's ideas.

poach from

• a concept poached from their main rival

— poaching noun [uncountable] :

• There is still some poaching between the major executive search firms.

* * *

poach UK US /pəʊtʃ/ verb [I or T]
DISAPPROVING HR, COMMERCE to persuade employees or customers of another company to become your employees or customers instead: poach sb from sth »

The company is considering a nationwide expansion after poaching a new chief operating officer from a rival restaurant group.

poach staff »

He is suing the rival company for damages of about £35m after they poached 27 staff from him earlier this year.

poach clients/customers »

Such data should help newcomers to poach customers from existing companies.

to take ideas that belong to another person, company, etc. and use them for yourself, especially in a secret and dishonest way: »

Several unscrupulous IT companies are offering 'free' seminars on e-commerce to customers and then quietly poaching ideas.

poach talent — Cf. poach talent
poaching noun [U]

The major firms have strong, legally enforceable clauses regarding poaching of clients.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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